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We are your go-to signage company, offering high-quality solutions for all your signage needs. One of our specialties is working with PVC substrates, providing you with durable and versatile signage options that make a lasting impact. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a synthetic plastic material widely used in various industries. When it comes to signage, PVC, in particular, offer numerous advantages that distinctly set them apart from other materials.

What is PVC, you may ask?

  1. Durability Durability is key when it comes to outdoor signage, and PVC substrates excel in this aspect. The material is highly resistant to UV rays, extreme weather conditions, and fading caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. This means your signage will stay vibrant and attractive, even when facing the harshest environmental conditions.

  2. Flexibility At Sign Blast, we understand that every signage project is unique, and PVC substrates offer the versatility to meet diverse requirements. Whether you need large-format advertisements, eye-catching banners, informative display panels, or elegant indoor signs, PVC substrates can be easily customised to suit your specific needs. They are available in various thicknesses, sizes, and finishes. As a result, we can create signage that aligns perfectly with your brand identity and desired aesthetic.

  3. Lightweight Another notable advantage of PVC substrates is their lightweight nature. This makes them convenient to handle, transport, and install, saving you time and effort. Despite their lightweight properties, PVC substrates remain sturdy and resistant to cracks or breakages, ensuring longevity and protection for your signage investment.

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Whether you need eye-catching outdoor signs to attract potential customers, informative indoor signs to guide visitors, or innovative promotional materials to stand out from the competition, Sign Blast is here to bring your vision to life using PVC substrates. Contact us today to discuss your signage needs and let us help you make a lasting impression.

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