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Sticker Shape Guide

What sticker shapes can I get at Sign Blast? 

We like to provide a wide range in shapes when it comes to stickers. 

Please see a guide below on some of the examples of what you can get and what we recommend compared to reason some shapes aren’t always the best of choice. 

Sticker shapes can vary widely and come in countless designs and styles. Some common shapes of stickers include:

  • Square: Square stickers have equal-length sides and a right-angle corner, giving them a classic and clean look. 

  • Rectangle: Rectangle stickers have two pairs of sides that are equal in length, with opposite sides parallel to each other. They offer a more elongated shape compared to square stickers.

  • Circle: Circle stickers have a round shape with a continuous curve. They provide a soft and playful look and are often used for logo stickers or decorative purposes.

  • Die-cut/ Cut contour: Die-cut stickers can be custom-shaped to fit the contours of a design, such as stars, hearts, animals, or any other shape. These stickers are cut precisely to the outline of the artwork.

  • Cloud cut stickers: Refer to a type of sticker design that features intricate and detailed cutouts within the sticker design, giving the appearance of clouds or other shapes.

  • Custom shapes: Stickers can be custom-cut into any desired shape, allowing for endless possibilities and creativity in sticker design. This can include shapes like animals, objects, logos, or intricate designs.

Overall, sticker shapes play a significant role in defining the aesthetic and style of the sticker, with each shape offering its own unique characteristics and appeal.