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Sticker Installation For Dummies


  • Make sure there is no residue from a previous sticker or cleaning product on the surface. Use either Isopropyl Alcohol or Metho for cleaning.


  • If possible, find a reference point to square up with where you want to place the sticker.
  • Use masking tape and a ruler or tape measure to mark the top or bottom edge of the desired placement.


Option 1: Dry Method

  • If your sticker has application tape on the front, leave it in place until the end.
  • For smaller stickers, you can directly apply them to the substrate without securing them first.
  • For larger and more difficult-to-handle stickers, it’s recommended to secure the sticker to the substrate using masking tape to hold it in place once it’s level.
  • Gently remove the backing paper from the sticker, being careful to keep the sticker clear of the substrate.
  • Once ready to apply, take a firm card (like a credit card) wrapped in a soft, lint-free cloth and glide it over the sticker. Start from the center and move outward to the edges, rotating from one side to the other.
  • Once the sticker is securely applied, you can peel away the application tape if it was present.

Option 2: Wet Method

  • If your sticker has application tape on the front, leave it in place until the end.
  • Prepare a mixture of soapy water using a mild shampoo like Johnsons Baby Shampoo.
  • Lightly spray the area where the sticker will be placed, and you can also lightly spray the back of the sticker.
  • Then, using a firm card wrapped in a soft, lint-free cloth, gently glide the card over the sticker. Start from the centre and move outward to the edges, squeegeeing the water out from under the sticker.
  • Allow the sticker to sit until it is securely adhered to the applied area. Once you are satisfied that it is dry enough, you can remove any application tape. It is recommended to let the sticker dry for 24-48 hours before washing or exposing it to moisture, allowing the adhesive to fully set to the substrate.


How do you take care of stickers?

To maintain the best appearance of your stickers, you should clean them with plain water and a soft cloth. If necessary, mild dish soap can be used to remove more difficult grime.
Do not use harsh chemicals.
Do not use hard bristle brushes/brooms.
Avoid using pressure washing (at a strong level).

How can I make my stickers stay on better?

Applying a little bit of heat can help make the adhesive work more quickly and is also good for restoring the adhesive of your stickers. It’s especially effective if the area is exposed to cold temperatures.

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